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Utopic Brain • Services

Design the future
by alchemizing your present.

Why Utopic Brain?

Because utopia is the best-case scenario of imagination gone wild in the service of good. And the utopic brain is the pragmatical representation of meaningful contribution.

U nderstand. Under stand. Catch the underlying meaning. Comprehend. Empathize.
T ransform. Morph. Make a change. Metamorphose. Convert. Transmute.
O bserve. Notice. Perceive. Listen. Watch. Make remarks. Feel.
P eel. Remove the cover. Lose the outer part. Strip off. Let go.
I magine. Conceptualize. Picture. Ideate. Visualize. Envision.
C reate. Generate. Build. Manufacture. Bring into being. Invent. Originate. Initiate. Develop. Shape. Mould. Enliven.

The brain useful to itself takes a reality and turns it upside down to transform it to make a new sense. After that, it observes every little detail to be afterward able to peel the non-essential. And from the universe of probable utopias, a possibility emerges and changes everything.


bridges Business Strategy with Creative Marketing Architecture and Serendipity.

Markendipity® is a bespoke way to communicate yourself to people important to you.
It was born from the Science of Human Behavior and it morphed into a robust and innovative way to be authentic.
As a collection of multidisciplinary tools, it aligns brands with their owners' flow.
It is a mindful business-shifting program able to catalyze change for the better.


Through MaaS - Marketing as a service: something we do with you, for you, not to you. We imagine what you see, we go into your dream and make ourselves useful for your big idea.

I use a mix of business strategy, Marketing Architecture, creativity, and brand therapy.
With me, everything starts with a good plan, hosts great adventures, and ends with the power to adjust. In the middle of it all, lies Marketing done well.


create value.
find the bigger meaning.
build bridges between people and ideas.
find patterns in chaos.
use KPIs only as proof of underlying values, behaviors, and great minds. Never as a means to an end.
respect you as our client and don't care to "sell" at the expense of people’s wit.

I make sustainable and daring projects fly.
I help you identify and capitalize on your competitive advantages.

There is one condition, though: you have to prove that what you and your idea stand for is making the world a better place.

I move fast and don't skip milestones.

I can set up my resources so as to design from a simple tactical campaign’s communication plan to a complex strategy with pillars consisting in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Architecture
  • Startups KIT- Innovation package: branding, price & product positioning, Marketing Architecture, launching campaign.
  • NGOs KIT - Goodwill package: Business and Marketing oriented training & practice


My main guideline is Ethics.
I don't do anything because "this is the way to do it". I make the way to do it.
My effective hour covers a lifetime of expertise and practice, so I never charge by the hour.
Out of respect for myself and my partners, I don't enter unpaid pitches.
I don't test your reliability because trust is not something you win, but rather a thing you lose. And I also believe in karma.
I don't try to win you over with fancy presentations or brag about my portfolio. I cherry-pick and I expect the same.
I don't compete with anybody. I am good at what we do and I bring my unique mix into working with you. 
I don't put you first, I put your own clients first, while caring about everything you need to better serve them. We are all final clients who deserve things well done.


Our work together can take various shapes: create content for a blog, build a business strategy, develop an advertising campaign, coach, design a key visual, build a brand, do social media planning or write a press release.
I am very flexible in the way I choose my projects and I only do what you need.
Fees take into account the extent of the involvement and the resources used.
They are not based on an hourly fee but on the concept of "value contribution".
I deliver fast and high-quality for two reasons:
- I invest in myself on a daily basis
- I don't need to be busy all the time.
The value and cost of the final project depend on everything we agree to work on.


Working with Raluca is creating a partnership. She is a unique star in this world, bringing depth, researched based-approach, professionalism, humility and humanity. She partnered with me and identified my core essence to create a marketing strategy that isn't selling me, but representing me. From the greater understanding of the market to the smallest details of the logo and branding - all unique, personal, and voicing my strengths.
Ayelet Shrem, Professional Coach for international talent in transition

Raluca is a person with a very versatile profile and a lot of human and professional delicacy. She grows brands, people, and dreams, supporting us from sitting to standing.
Dora Surugiu-Kocsolade, Co-founder DORO 16, New Project Architect Maastricht School of Management

Meeting Raluca is a providential encounter. She is gentle, delicate, and at the same time determined, tenacious, complex and complete. DepreHUB had been held by her from the beginning and over time her critical eye brought laser focus on what this organisation needs. Gently but firmly she holds our direction, imposes the action, and gives me peace of mind that if she takes on a project, it’s in good hands.
Yolanda Crețescu, Founder and owner DepreHUB

Besides being a joy to work with, Raluca is a take-charge reliable professional, dedicated and with excellent multitasking capabilities.
Ionuț Șerban, Market Delivery Manager, Vodafone

When you work with Raluca, you can rest assured that she will cover everything for your project to be successful.
Andreea Secară, IT and web-designer professional, co-founder AITIS

A big thank you for your work with me. It was unexpected, almost therapeutic, some things blew my mind and allowed me to think more about myself. I love the process you brought me through.
Dace, Senior Professional in the Pharma industry

Raluca is honest, dependable, incredibly hard-working, knowledgeable, experienced and constantly creative. Apart from the undeniable talent, Raluca had always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of her colleagues.
Christine Schillings, CEO, Windsedswiss

I have found Raluca to be a loyal, trustworthy, ethical and generous person who is not afraid to take on a challenging task and who has the can-do-spirit which inspires people. She is the right person for any role that would require a creative individual with distinct abilities to think out of the box. Raluca had the ambition to pull together the personal strengths to turnaround things, people and situations so that the final success may seem as the natural one.
Filip Cristescu, Business Owner SoupUp



Here is a glimpse into the clients who chose me as their trusted partner.

I felt the highest level of aliveness while working with the team of TEDxBucharest. I cherished every moment and value to this day the human connections I built while designing wonderful lineups of speakers.

Working with Concordia Academia has enriched my soul because my personal drive to contribute to Romania's social services through education found a great agora for catalyzing change.

I was honored to take part in Atasagon's Marketing strategy building, find my peace of mind and learn how to take care of my body in the meantime. A great place and a team of true professionals to work with.

The energy and passion that came towards me every time I was invited to communicate Storyscape's artistic projects left me speechless. What I found here were vision, a clear mission of uplifting humanity, and spectacular creativity.

I remember how encountering Ashoka's power to literally change the world shocked me. The logistics, the networking, the authenticity, the social relationships, the agility, the know-how, and the vulnerability fueling strength... wow! A very forceful interaction and an inspiring long-term companion.



Any beautiful trip starts with the first step.
Leave me a line @ design[at]utopicbrain.ro and let's meet.



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