Why Utopic Brain?

Because utopia is the best-case scenario of imagination gone wild in the service of good. And the utopic brain is the pragmatical representation of meaningful contribution.

U nderstand. Perceive the intended meaning. Comprehend. Empathize.
T ransform. Morph. Make a change. Metamorphose. Convert. Transmute.
O bserve. Notice. Perceive. Listen. Watch. Make remarks. Feel.
P eel. Remove the cover. Lose the outer part. Strip off.
I magine. Conceptualise. Picture. Ideate. Visualise. Envision.
C reate. Generate. Build. Manufacture. Bring into being. Invent. Originate. Initiate. Develop. Shape. Mould.

The brain useful to itself and to those around it takes a reality, turns it upside down to make sure it understands it, then starts transforming it to make a new sense. After that, it observes every little detail to be afterward able to peel the non-essential. And from the imagination of all probable utopias, the creation of a new tangible reality is that which emerges and changes everything.


by which we understand your brand to make it what you need it to be, brings together Business Strategy, Creative Marketing Architecture, and the Science of Serendipity.

Markendipity® is a multidisciplinary method aiming to go beyond the surface of shapes and colors in the pursuit of finding meaning and purpose.
It supports entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, and owners of businesses and ideas to align their brands and Business strategy with their own inner equilibrium and flow. It was born from the depths of Marketing as the Science of Behavior and it morphed into a method of profound therapeutic business audit and of shifting inner paradoxes into lightness and attunement, through communication.
It brings together Marketing and Business acumen, Phototherapy and coaching, Agile methodology, Gestalt Psychology and Psychotherapy principles, Design Thinking, Stoicism, the Science of Serendipity and overall, the power of the right questions.

A mindful transformational program is cooking slowly to welcome you shorty.


Through MBSaaS - Meaningful Business Strategy as a service: something we do with you, not to you. We not only imagine what you see but we also go in your dream and make ourselves useful for your big idea. In the end, we create stuff you'll buy yourself.

We use a unique mix of business strategy, Marketing architecture, creativity, and brand therapy. Yes, brand therapy. Every brand holds a projection of the life context of the people behind it and just like we do annual checkups for ourselves, we should mindfully audit our brands as well.

With us, everything starts with a good plan, accommodates great adventures and ends with the power to adjust.
In the middle of it all, lies Marketing done well.

We create value.
We find the bigger meaning.
We build bridges between people and ideas.
We find patterns in chaos.
We use KPIs only as proof of underlying values, behaviors, and great minds.
We respect you as our client more with ideas of meaning, rather than with concepts that "sell" at the expense of people’s wit.

As project-based teams of people having various professions and gathering around a meaningful idea, we make sustainable and daring projects fly.
We bring along our expertise and help you identify and capitalize on your competitive advantages.

There is one condition, though:
you have to prove that what you and your idea stand for is making the world a better place.

We move fast and don't skip milestones, because no matter how strong the wishful thinking, no acorn can become oak the next day.

We can set up our resources so as to design from a simple tactical campaign’s communication plan to a complex strategy with pillars consisting in:

  • Business Strategy - business model audit, ecosystem (e)valuation, contribution schemes, driving a sense of purpose and of a meaningful sustainability
  • Marketing Architecture - advertising, brand audit and development, copywriting, content writing, media planning, social media, market research, loyalty development for community building, customer service, art development, PR, website design & SEO

  • Specials for startups, the driving force of individual contribution - Taking off creative kit: branding, price & product positioning, Marketing Architecture, launching campaign.
  • Specials for NGOs, the guardian of our civic & social wellness - Goodwill package: Business and Marketing oriented training & practice


We don't believe in guidelines. Ethics is enough.
We don't do anything just because "this is the way to do it". We make the way to do it.
We don't believe in charging by the hour because our effective hour covers a lifetime of expertise and practice.
We don't enter unpaid pitches because we discourage window shopping out of respect for ourselves and our partners.
We don't test your reliability because we believe that trust is not something you win, but rather a thing you lose. And we also believe in karma.
We don't try to win you over with fancy presentations, nor brag about our portfolio. We cherry-pick and we expect the same.
We don't compete with anybody. We are good at what we do and we do it for you, the open heart and open mind who appreciates it.
We don't put you first, we put your own clients first, while caring about everything you need. We are all final clients who deserve things well done.


We can decide to create content for a blog, build a Business strategy, or develop an advertising campaign.
It may also be the case of designing a key visual, building a brand, or social media post planning.
Or you may just need a press release.
We are very flexible in the way we choose our projects and we don’t want to do more than it’s needed.

Our fees take into account the extent of the involvement and the resources used. They are not based on an hourly fee, but on the concept of "value contribution".
We deliver quickly and high quality for two reasons:
- we highly and continuously invest in ourselves
- we don't need to be busy all the time.

The value and cost of the final project depend on everything we agree to work on.


highlighting the beauty in the clients who chose us as their trusted partners.

I felt the highest level of aliveness while working with the team of TEDxBucharest. I cherished every moment and value to this day the human connections I built while designing wonderful lineups of speakers.

Working with Concordia Academia has enriched my soul because my personal drive to contribute to Romania's social services through education found a great agora for catalyzing change.

I was honored to take part in Atasagon's Marketing strategy building, find my peace of mind and learn how to take care of my body in the meantime. A great place and a team of true professionals to work with.

The energy and passion that came towards me every time I was invited to communicate Storyscape's artistic projects left me speechless. What I found here were vision, a clear mission of uplifting humanity, and spectacular creativity.

I remember how encountering Ashoka's power to literally change the world shocked me. The logistics, the networking, the authenticity, the social relationships, the agility, the know-how, and the vulnerability fueling strength... wow! A very forceful interaction and an inspiring long-term companion.


Any beautiful trip starts with the first step.
Leave us a line @ design[at]utopicbrain.ro and let's meet.



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