and allow the opportunity to meet yourself where you left off.


There are two main fears driving our holding back:
the panic to take the first step
and the horror of the final ownership.

The beautiful part is that what happens in between 
rewards you for deciding to start and informs your next step.


I am delighted to welcome you to a space where acts of will are the main drivers for how we show up in the world.

Knowing who we are allows for better choices for us and for those important to us.

I welcome you from all walks of life to hear, hold, support and remind you that it's human to be human.

There is no problem that's too small and addressing what's bothering us before it turns into a bigger thing is a moral exercise.

I welcome you with an open heart on a mindful journey that will allow every part of you to be heard.

When you feel prompted to hear what you have to say to yourself, I'll be waiting for you on the other side of this choice.



[kanfedens] • noun 


The ability to meet the world substantially on our terms, not to be afraid of our own voice or embarrassed by our wishes and ideas - and an inner resourcefulness to withstand criticism and mockery for the sake of what we hold to be important. 

The School of Life
Painting ("Singularity"): Jack Vanzet

How life works for us all

If we want to be able to stand our ground in any circumstance, then we have to be on our side.

The most powerless things that take control of our lives are the ones we can see.

If we do not change direction, we may end up where we are heading.

Sometimes, when a door closes, we're left in the hallway, a bit lost, at odds with the world or not knowing where to go next.

It's not always the case that another door opens or that we are able to recognize when it does.

Anything works only if we work it ourselves.
The key word here: "ourselves".
Nobody can do the work for us.

We are naturally inclined to fulfill our potential if we hold harmoniously
our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

Why I do this

The most profound work for me is to witness a human being.

What I can offer you

My invitation to you is an individual program
built on psychological safety,
working with the whole person at depth and
aiming to bring forth for you:

• enhanced awareness
• meaning-making
•  a better sense of choice
•  responsibility 
•  accountability
•  ownership

At the heart of my work are the Psychosynthesis tools.


is the homecoming to our "impulse towards wholeness".
Psychosynthesis is a school of psychology interested in personal synthesis
and the harmonious integration of contradictions.
Where losing contact with who we are is making us suffer,
psychosynthesis seeks to restore and renew this contact.
It does this by working with the whole being and
holding in high regard the higher manifestations of human nature.

Irreconcilable opposites do not exist.
(R. Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis)

It is at the pinnacle of the psychological work, including all that has gone before:
Psychoanalysis (1), Behavioral (2), Humanistic and Existential (3), and Transpersonal (4).

How to join

The program access is conversation-based in a discovery call,
as we need to be on the same page if we go through the process together.

At this stage in my work, I offer 1:1 sessions.
Group work will follow.

Reach me here for our first talk.

About me

I have an extensive background in
Psychosynthesis Psychology, Counseling and Coaching, 
Business Strategy, Behavioral Economics and
various complementary domains with +20 years of practice 
within small, medium, and large international companies
in Marketing, Strategy, Business development,
Speakers Coaching and Creative Writing.

I run my own business since mid-2018 and
develop multidisciplinary projects worldwide.

See more about my accreditations, education and work here.

Trust pledge

Working together will have
ownership, trust and safety as a foundation,

so all exchanged information will be 
safeguarded with responsibility.

You can go through the GDPR Information Notice

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