by the story you write yourself
every day.

Hello dear one,

Is today a good day for you to embark on a journey?

Picture, what if your Marketing activities were enriched by the alignment between what you value and the choices you make for your brand and business ideas?

Just, what if? And how would that sound?

Scary, impossible, or fun?

It's what I call Markendipitythe Creative Marketing Method. It is a space of awareness where positive surprise (serendipity) changes the mathematical estimation.

This line of thought doesn't come in handy for everybody, I'm sure.

But it does speak volumes to those animated in their choices by intentionality, free will, ownership, and accountability.

If this is the case for you, then, most likely, you don't extract your sense of Self by the work you do alone and you outgrew the illusion of control to the point where you know that you create your own reality once you surrender to what matters.

It's never comfortable to wear yourself off until you witness how you stand in the way of your own growth.

At that point, you can't but let go and allow expansion.

If you're not there yet, you should know it's possible.

And if you're curious to go down that path, you won't be alone in this.

I promise.

All it takes is for you to stay with your courage.

Meanwhile, keep being your best wherever you are.



More often than not you're flying without thinking about your wings.

You just do it because it feels right.
That's flow.

The birthplace of Markendipity.

The wonderful painting (entitled "Singularity") belongs to Jack Vanzet

I believe only conscious people can build conscious brands.

And conscious brands are the ones through w
hich people do good, better.
They do so, by working on what they know best, on what makes them alive, on what matters, through helping others, paying it forward, bringing effective altruism into their business model, and tackling ethical business conundrums with openness, tapping into discomfort and coming out of it with actionable intentionality.

For this, I offer a hero's journey quest.
With you as the hero.

Markendipity = the art of the unexpected, but precise brand growth

Markendipity® is a multidisciplinary method aiming to go beyond the surface of shapes and colors in the pursuit of finding meaning and purpose through Regenerative Marketing.
It supports entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and owners of businesses and ideas to align their brands and Marketing strategy with their own inner equilibrium and flow. It was born from the depths of Marketing as the Science of Behavior and it morphed into a method of profound brand therapeutic audit and of shifting inner paradoxes into lightness and attunement, through communication.

The tension
Some brands put a lot of effort into selling what their clients don't want to buy.
All brands we see around us are psychological reflections of the people behind them, so what we actually see are mirrors of people's minds and souls. Not all brands bring real and genuine value to their customers, though, so it's no wonder they don't always succeed. Trial and error are great and failure is welcome when designed around bringing knowledge and learning, whereas focusing on doing very well the wrong thing is the drawback of great concepts not seeing light. This happens due to misalignment between the market's context, customers' needs, and the people behind the brand's biases, uncertainties, and blind spots. On top of all this, mainstream benchmarks of righteousness pollute the conversation with the duality of right or wrong, either/or's and deflecting from the dialogue about values and purpose, instead of holding and unfolding the paradox.

The focus
Is on the person behind the brand.
On you.
And you only.
Because it's from within you that your brand is born.

The method
Crafts with a conscience.
Bypasses the world's favorite, yet limited tool: logic.
Sees the and where others see either, or. 
It welcomes the unboxing of paradoxes while holding polarities.
It observes, tags, allows, accepts, integrates and synthetizes.
Markendipity is a space that brings together multidisciplinarity through Psychosynthesis, Phototherapeutical coaching, Gestalt Psychology & Design principles intertwined with Agile methodology, Foresight woven with the Science of Serendipity, creativity tools conducive to intuition and focus, Marketing theory framework, and questions. The ones you will end up asking yourself.
It may seem like a lot coming in one place, but with the right amount from each, making sense will pop up.

Proved to be useful in
Brand audits, finding a professional voice, building all verticals of will (strong, good, skillful, free), rebranding, teamwork, decluttering business goals, market repositioning, envisioning of a brand idea, employer branding, internal communication, personal development and alignment, repositioning of inner struggles.

This is a bespoke program that will mirror your reflections.
The work is designed around 1:1 sessions, but it can also accommodate teamwork.
We will have eight-hour-meetings once every three weeks and you will pursue your own work in between sessions.
The program can last from three to six months, depending on both your personal pace and the depths of the work we decide to do together.
The work is available online and offline.

The result
Pause, reflect, expand, focus.
See the forest from the trees and gain a panoramic view.
Find clarity and regain centeredness.
Own your narrative and all that you and your brand have to offer.
Build the right strategy to get you where you want to be.

How it works
Presence brings awareness.
Awareness builds disidentification from roles.
Disidentification from roles welcomes alignment.
Alignment drives the psyche towards flow.
Flow unleashes passion, desire, growth, and a sense of contribution.
It's all about the brain, the heart, and the outer world making a click to light you up.

The value

The program admittance is application-based, as we need to be on the same page if we go through the process together. For this, we schedule a free 50 min discovery call.

The number of available seats is limited to 10 engagements a year, to maintain the quality of the process for everybody enrolled. The work is intense, powerful and the process develops through careful hands-on artisanal steps.

This is not a psychotherapeutic method. It is a guiding-oriented program aiming to create a trusting and personal-nourishing space able to raise questions, identify and align values and imagination towards the most suited marketing and brand strategies for people who want to launch or develop their business ideas.

Cooking slowly to welcome you shortly.

The program will be coming up soon.
If you want to enroll, write me a message and we'll find out together if Markendipity has the answers you need.

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